Supreme Tails 

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Who We Are.   I am Julie Thatcher please call 0432029977 or 0356788807.  Email   Send your sample to 54 June Street,   Grantville.  3984 Vic.   Same day service.  See more before and after shots by clicking on photos.   Then fill out form and click contact us or simply type in my email address.

Introducing Supreme Tails.   I am  Julie Thatcher, equine hair specialist, established 25 years.


These top quality designer tails come with a lifetime guarantee and all 100% natural horse hair.


 I do not believe in using synthetic materials.   I  specialize in all breeds, all sizes of/and every horse or pony so owners needs can be met exactly, ensuring their new tails are always a perfect match.



Supreme Tails has tails in stock all year round. Black and all shades of red through to dark chestnuts are always available. Please be aware that all grey, white, cream and translucent tails that come into stock are sold before they hang, so a sample will need to be sent to be first on the list for that colour.


I am the maker of all of the manes,  tails and forlocks for 3 movies.


My tails have been used in movies such as Racing Stripes, The Young Black Stallion and Australia the movie. The most recent work for on screen is for a kids television show called Pony Power which is yet to be screened, with one of the stars to be a unicorn.

Supreme Tails will ship Australia Wide and Overseas, with many tails being shipped to England, Scotland, China and New Zealand.